FHS7v7A- How It Works

In this briefing, we will explain to you the “coach” exactly how the FHS7v7A works and a step by step process in order to sign up and start competing. The FHSAA states explicitly that in order to work with your kids in a non-contact setting other than weight room or conditioning type activities, not only the athlete but also the coach must be a member and involved in a 3rd party organization, separate from the school. The FHS7v7A is here to facilitate just that, in an organized, compliant, safe, and sanctioned environment. The FHS7v7A strives to offer high school coaches the opportunity to practice in the sports of 7v7 and lineman challenge, with their own athletes from their own school, all while a member of the 3 rd party FHS7v7A. It is also the FHS7v7A’s goal to offer off-season competitive activities for not just skilled players but lineman too. The FHS7v7A offers the entire High School Football team activities to participate and compete in at its highest level. It is the mission of the FHS7v7A to enhance the sport of 7v7 and lineman challenge in the offseason and offer a way for High School Coaches to be a part of it with their kids.

Activities: 7v7 competition, Lineman Challenge.

Cost: $30 per athlete, $30 per coach (Sign up as many as you want, there is no minimum and no maximum)

Benefits: Up to $25,000 Accident Liability and Medical Coverage for each athlete and coach while participating in FHS7v7A activities. $3,000,000 of General Liability Insurance for each School Itself for all sanctioned FHS7v7A activities occurring on campus such as practice, games, and tournaments.

2020 Season: Regular Season-Jan 1st-April 22nd(Regular Season). June 9th -June 22nd (Post Season/State Series & Championships)

Options: You can sign up for state series (postseason) play or choose to play “independent” (not eligible for post-season tournaments. If you choose “state series” then you are committing to participate in our FHS7v7 A State Championships on June 19th & 20th. If you choose “independent” you must play in a minimum of one published exhibition contest versus another member team in the FHS7v7A however when you are electing not to participate in any qualifying or State Series (post-season tournament). The choice is completely up to you and the needs of your team.

Regulations: Players must not have completed their senior season of fall football in order to be eligible to be a member and participate in FHS7v7A and it’s sanctioned activities and events.

How to get signed up:

It’s simple. Visit www.FHS7v7A.com and click Register, my team, on the home page. From there follow the prompts.

Things you will need when you register: Coaches information (Name, Contact Info, Coaching Position)

Player Information (Name, Grade, email address)

Why do we need all this information? We need to register all of our team rosters with the FHSAA in order to be in compliance. We need your coaching information so we have you registered to work with your players.

Last but not least we will need payment to finalize your team member’s memberships. You can pay online by using a credit card, or you can select the option “register me & pay with a check”. Take the amount shown, write a check to FHS7v7A and send it into the address provided. Once we receive it and the check clears, you will be notified, that your team can start participating. Its that simple.

The only thing left to do is make sure all of your players have a current Sports Physical, Heat & Illness/Concussion, and Parent Permission form on file with you the coach. Also, make sure you send us your school’s facility use agreement and we will sign it and send it back with our certificate of insurance for you to keep on file.

Make your regular season schedule versus other FHS7v7A members and start practicing. When you have time update information on your team page on the FHS7v7A.com website by logging in and uploading your schedule, scores, and rosters.

Reminder, why work in the offseason with only your skilled players, when you can work with the whole team? You don’t want to be able to work with only part of your team while the other part doesn’t participate in order to stay in compliance with State regulations. Sign up your lineman as members of FHS7v7A/BattleLines and get them competing. Lineman will participate in a series of strongman type activities, and a series of timed and precision-based activities. For any specific questions please call 904- 402-5428 or email info@fhs7v7a.com.

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